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About us

The Weir Charitable Trust aims to support Scottish-based community groups and small charities to provide services across Scotland to help the Scottish community. These groups and charities are likely to have found it difficult to access funds elsewhere.

It does not fund groups or charities who have an income of more than £125,000 per year;  individuals; commercial activity; research; educational establishments; governing bodies; public sector bodies; one off events; large capital projects; Community Councils, PTAs or Active Schools Activities; or pilot projects, nor can it provide sponsorship. Applications from outside Scotland or for activities carried out outwith Scotland will not be accepted.

The Trust will consider funding specific activities and services in sport, recreational facilities, animal welfare, health and cultural projects (see "What we fund") to improve the quality of life for people, either through a particular field of expertise or via a local community. The average award granted to date is £3,500 but, in exceptional circumstances, the Trust will consider applications for funds up to £25,000.

The Trust is currently accepting applications for funding with a closing date of 5.00pm on Friday 27th August 2021.   Outcomes will be advised end November 2021.

If you want to know more, there's a lot of helpful information in our FAQs that can help you decide if you should apply to the Trust.

Case Studies

Kinlochleven Community Trust

Kinlochleven Community Trust was formed in 2008 and run a range of community projects designed to develop, regenerate and sustain the village.   Recent projects include a Community Green Space, Green Health, Mission Compostable, Community Café and Shop Renovation.  Kinlochleven Community Trust was formed in 2008 and run a range of community projects designed to develop, regenerate and sustain the village. Recent projects include a Community Green Space, Green Health, Mission Compostable, Community Café and Shop Renovation.

Farmersfield Rest-home for Elderly Donkeys (FRED)

Based near Dumfries, Farmersfield Rest-home for Elderly Donkeys (FRED) is a Registered Scottish Charity dedicated to providing the best care, attention and love to old donkeys in the latter stages of their life.   This attention to their needs is offered in a knowledgeable, experienced and donkey centred manner.

Deepness Dementia Radio

Deepness Dementia Radio help those going through dementia maintain their freedom and get the most out of life. They welcome not just those affected by dementia but also family members, young carers, friends and workers.



We are now accepting applications for our next round of awards. The online application is open now until 5.00pm on Friday 27th August 2021. The Trust will consider applications from Scottish based groups and charities with an annual income of £125,000 or less per year. Outcomes will be advised by end November 2021.  

Update on Funding Criteria

We really appreciate the feedback we receive from applicants and beneficiaries of awards so that we can develop and better respond to the needs of the groups and charities we support.   Find out more in full story.

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2019

Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 19 December 2019 - Available to download.

Why do I have to fill in a CAPTCHA box when submitting an application?

This is for security to check that it is a person submitting an application rather than a computer trying to spam the site.

Who can’t apply for a grant?

The Trust will not accept applications from individuals. Nor will it accept applications related to commercial activity, research, pilot projects, educational establishments, social enterprises, governing bodies or public sector bodies, nor can it provide monies for sponsorship. Applications from outwith Scotland or for projects or activities outwith Scotland will not be considered.

How long is funding for?

All awards are for one year or less. If you are successful, you must wait a calendar year before reapplying for further funding. However, you can apply for further funding within that period if it is not to be used for the same purpose as the original application.

I have had an email from the Weir family/the Trust but I haven’t applied for any money.

This is a scam. Do not respond to any request for financial or personal details from the scammers.

Is there an appeal process?

No. Awards are made at the discretion of Trustees, the Trust’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.

We didn’t get an award – can we apply again?

If you are unsuccessful, the Trust will advise you if you can reapply for funding in the next round of grants in six months’ time. If you have not met all the criteria to be considered for an award – meeting a Qualifying Category, being based and providing services in Scotland, seeking less than £25,000 and being a small charity/community group (see How to apply) - you will not be able to reapply unless your circumstances change to meet those. Likewise, we do not fund commercial activity or businesses.

We missed the recent deadline – can we still apply?

You can still apply but your application will not be considered until the following closing date.

Who can apply?

Check the FAQ “Who we fund – and who we don’t” for details of who can apply and “what we fund – and what we don’t” to see what kinds of things you can apply for funding for.