What we fund

We support services/projects, run by Scottish-based community groups and small charities, in the following qualifying categories that address any aspect of the following purposes (in the Application Form, these are the headings referred to as the Qualifying Category):

  • Sport: encouraging and increasing public participation in sport (activities which involve physical skill and exertion)
  • Recreational facilities: the provision or organisation of recreational facilities (buildings, pitches or similar) with the aim of improving the conditions of life for the people for whom the facilities are primarily intended. This is only in relation to facilities which are primarily intended for people who need them due to age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage. 
  • Animal welfare: for the advancement of animal welfare
  • Health: the advancement of health, including prevention or relief of sickness, disease or human suffering
  • Culturesupporting the heritage - tangible or otherwise - of Scotland, through projects that encourage participation in and preservation of Scotland's distinctive culture.

If your application does not meet one of these five criteria, it will be rejected without further consideration. Applications that meet the criteria are then considered for an award at the discretion of Trustees. However, meeting the criteria does not automatically guarantee funding.

Please note: the Trust will not fund individuals, capital projects greater than £100,000, governing bodies or commercial ventures, including business start-ups, nor can it sponsor you if you are undertaking an event to raise money for a charity.