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The Weir Charitable Trust aims to support Scottish-based community groups and small charities to provide services across Scotland to help the Scottish community. These groups and charities are likely to have found it difficult to access funds elsewhere.

It does not fund groups or charities who have an income of more than £125,000 per year;  individuals; commercial activity; research; educational establishments; governing bodies; public sector bodies; one off events; large capital projects; Community Councils, PTAs or Active Schools Activities; or pilot projects, nor can it provide sponsorship. Applications from outside Scotland or for activities carried out outwith Scotland will not be accepted.

The Trust will consider funding specific activities and services in sport, recreational facilities, animal welfare, health and cultural projects (see "What we fund") to improve the quality of life for people, either through a particular field of expertise or via a local community. The average award granted to date is £3,500 but, in exceptional circumstances, the Trust will consider applications for funds up to £25,000.

Applications are open for our next round of awards until 5.00pm on Wednesday 31st August 2022 with outcomes advised by end November 2022.

If you want to know more, there's a lot of helpful information in our FAQs that can help you decide if you should apply to the Trust.

Case Studies

Kinlochleven Community Trust

Kinlochleven Community Trust was formed in 2008 and run a range of community projects designed to develop, regenerate and sustain the village.   Recent projects include a Community Green Space, Green Health, Mission Compostable, Community Café and Shop Renovation.  Kinlochleven Community Trust was formed in 2008 and run a range of community projects designed to develop, regenerate and sustain the village. Recent projects include a Community Green Space, Green Health, Mission Compostable, Community Café and Shop Renovation.

Farmersfield Rest-home for Elderly Donkeys (FRED)

Based near Dumfries, Farmersfield Rest-home for Elderly Donkeys (FRED) is a Registered Scottish Charity dedicated to providing the best care, attention and love to old donkeys in the latter stages of their life.   This attention to their needs is offered in a knowledgeable, experienced and donkey centred manner.

Deepness Dementia Radio

Deepness Dementia Radio help those going through dementia maintain their freedom and get the most out of life. They welcome not just those affected by dementia but also family members, young carers, friends and workers.


Annual Report and Financial Statements 2021

Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 19 December 2021


We are now accepting applications for our next round of awards. The online application is open now until 5.00pm on Wednesday 31st August 2022. The Trust will consider applications from Scottish based groups and charities with an annual income of £125,000 or less per year. Outcomes will be advised by end November 2022.  

10th Anniversary on 19th December 2021

As The Weir Charitable Trust approaches its 10th Anniversary on 19th December 2021 we have been reflecting on the support we

Recognising the impact that the charity was making on the advancement of animal welfare and their education programme, the Trust made an award to contribute towards salary costs, vet fees and food for the animals in their care.

In these difficult times the generosity of The Weir Charitable Trust enabled our charity to continue with its vital work, saving the lives of many native animals and birds.”

Pam Ewart, Chair. South of Scotland Wildlife Hospital

Since first performing in July 2018, the orchestra has given almost 200 performances to around 28,500 people across Scotland with venues ranging from schools, supermarkets and museums in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, to a farm in the Scottish Borders and the summit of Ben Nevis in the Highlands – and everywhere in between.  One fantastic achievement undertaken was the biggest ever tour by an orchestra of the Outer Hebrides – all the way out to the remote archipelago of St Kilda.

The Weir Charitable Trust was delighted to contribute towards projects where Nevis Ensemble musicians worked with vulnerable communities including older people living with dementia; refugees and asylum seekers; women seeking refuge from domestic violence; carers and adults in in-patient psychiatric care.   All projects were successfully delivered to 450 vulnerable people throughout the COVID-19 health pandemic in 2020.   These vulnerable groups continue to be affected more by the health and economic impacts of the pandemic.   Having access to the music projects had a positive impact on people’s sense of wellbeing. 

Nevis Ensemble’s Chief Executive, Jamie Munn said

“We were thrilled and extremely grateful to have the generous support of The Weir Charitable Trust for our project activity, bringing music-making opportunities to participants, and professional development for our musicians. Such support is vital in ensuring that the social and wellbeing benefits of cultural activity reach all in our communities, particularly the most vulnerable.”

To learn more about the work of Nevis Ensemble visit their website at

Update on Funding Criteria

We really appreciate the feedback we receive from applicants and beneficiaries of awards so that we can develop and better respond to the needs of the groups and charities we support.  

Find out more in full story.

The Muirhead Outreach Project works with young people and their families in Glenrothes and Levenmouth.  The overall aim of the charity is to prevent children from being taken into care by giving children and families a sense of belonging, a sense of achievement and a realisation that life can be good.   The families are supported through face to face work over an 8-week period, youth clubs, parent groups and holiday clubs.

The charity also provides access to a holiday caravan to give families the opportunity to have a much-needed holiday together.   The families can look forward to having outings and new experiences to help build confidence.   The Weir Charitable Trust is delighted to support the work of the project in 2020 by funding essential repairs to their caravan.  

Last year some of parents said it was their only chance for a holiday. For them it meant:

“Spending time away from mundane chores. Quality time with just daughter and I without distractions. 100% 1-1 time”

“Kids look forward to it every year. They are happy there.”

“We were able to spend time as a family. Kids played games and watched films together instead of isolating themselves in bedrooms.”

“Stress free, worry free kids. Had fun and made family time.”

“[It means] Everything. I got to take my kids away to a beautiful place where we could be together and with my grandbaby. I can’t thank Muirhead enough for our family break it was a real treat.”

“Really, really appreciate the use of it and the opportunity for me to spend time just being mum.”

Muirhead Outreach Project’s Charity Development Officer, Janine Norris said “The impact that the recent COVID-19 crisis will have in the future is immeasurable at the moment but we know that there will be more families who will be affected by unemployment, mental health and the breakdown of relationships.  The Muirhead Outreach Project will be ready and accepting referrals as soon as it is safe to do with the help of the generous donation made”.

Scottish Bi+ Network are a network of volunteers, formed in August 2018, to support bi+ people (those who are attracted to multiple genders).  Their aims are to raise bi+ visibility, and increase awareness of the issues facing the bi+ community, both in the LGBTQIA+ community itself, and with the general public. They do this by: providing resources and online support, taking part in local pride marches, running virtual meetups, organising events, working with other organisations, and raising issues at the Scottish Parliament’s LGBTI cross-party working group.

The new funding from the trust will enable the group to expand their services by employing a full-time administrator so that they can develop and deliver more training and education programmes. It will also allow them to train more local volunteers to provide peer support in their communities, so that they can better support the needs of bi+ people outwith the central belt of Scotland.   Additionally, they will also be able to provide more resources and training through online platforms, including making a wider range of information and guides available, and training webinars.

Graeme, Secretary of Scottish Bi+ Network, said:

“It’s amazing that the Weir Charitable Trust has recognised our work, and with this funding will be able to expand as an organisation, and allow us to support more bi+ people across Scotland than ever before.”

Based in Lanarkshire they are a volunteer led charity supporting the health and wellbeing of vulnerable children and young people, their families, peers and communities; who have been affected by trauma, post murder suicide or attempted suicide.   FAMS also supports people living in families with financial pressures, a family member with an addiction or experiencing emotional, physical or sexual abuse; all struggling to feel connected in sometimes complicated family relationships. Many of these callers have had suicidal thoughts and talk about feeling trapped and isolated.   

FAMS support the health and wellbeing of children & young people presenting themselves with mild to moderate mental health issues, often coupled with suicidal thoughts /behaviours.  FAMS Volunteer Youth Team have been supporting vulnerable children, young people and adults all reporting living fear, confusion, hopelessness and loneliness.   The need for support of young people experiencing mental health issues are well documented, also young suicides went up by 50% last year. Subsequently the demand for FAMS youth services had increased dramatically and steadily, the charity was struggling to meet the demands and submitted an application the Trust resulting in a grant being awarded in the recent round of funding.

Co-founder of FAMS Ann Marie Cocozza said:

“One of the main challenges faced by FAMS was that the charity had no paid employees. This made it difficult to ensure continuity, build capacity or plan projects too far ahead.  The award from The Weir Charitable Trust to fund a full time youth worker over a twelve month period will help ease the immense repercussions of COVID-19 on the mental health & wellbeing of new and existing members (referrals).   The Youth Worker will provide connection and information which FAMS believe will be key to the survival of many young people.   FAMS Chat service will be available by telephone, text, email and video platforms; 7 Days Weekly from 10am-10pm (84 hours)”

FAMS wish to thank The Weir Charitable Trust for the lifesaving award.