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The Weir Charitable Trust aims to support Scottish-based community groups and small charities to provide services across Scotland to help the Scottish community. These groups and charities are likely to have found it difficult to access funds elsewhere.

It does not fund groups or charities who have an income of over £100,000 per year;  individuals; commercial activity; research; educational establishments; social enterprises; community interest companies; governing bodies; public sector bodies; one off events; large capital projects; Community Councils, PTAs or Active Schools Activities; or pilot projects, nor can it provide sponsorship. Applications from outside Scotland or for activities carried out outwith Scotland will not be accepted.

The Trust will consider funding specific activities and services in sport, recreational facilities, animal welfare, health and cultural projects (see "What we fund") to improve the quality of life for people, either through a particular field of expertise or via a local community. The average award granted to date is £3,500 but, in exceptional circumstances, the Trust will consider applications for funds up to £25,000.

The Trust is currently accepting applications for funding with a closing date of 5.00pm on Friday 26th February 2021.   Outcomes will be advised end May 2021.

If you want to know more, there's a lot of helpful information in our FAQs that can help you decide if you should apply to the Trust.

Case Studies

Muirhead Outreach Project

Helping children and families to draw on their strengths and stay together.

Scottish Bi+ Network

The Weir Charitable Trust is delighted to announce that we have awarded over £17k in funding to support the work that Scottish Bi+ Network do with the bi+ community.

FAMS Charity

FAMS was established in 2013 by three mothers driven with the same desire and passion to ensure that no other young person or family would suffer the trauma they had experienced in their lives.



We are now accepting applications for our next round of awards. Applications are open Friday 26th February 2021 with outcomes advised end May 2021.  

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2019

Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 19 December 2019 - Available to download.


Despite being unable to provide emergency financial support through the COVID-19 outbreak the Trust continues to achieve our objective of supporting...

COVID-19 pandemic - contacting The Weir Charitable Trust

The office is now closed and staff are working remotely.  Please do not call the office number.   If you require to contact us please email us at


Mail is not currently being collected so all communications with the Trust should be by email.

The Trust was delighted to make an award of £6,534 to fund additional ice time and new kit which is essential for the sport.

As a result of the award, children from age 4 have been able to try out and enjoy the sport without the worry of expensive kit. Those attending are fitter, show competitive spirit and are great role models. A representative from the Club stated that since receiving the award ‘there is a real positive and exciting vibe around the club!”. Best wishes from everyone at The Weir Charitable Trust.

Each year the group of volunteers hold exhibitions, develop story boards and produce leaflets and books.

The Trust was delighted to make an award to fund the design and printing of their third and final book in the ‘We’re from Kelso’ series - More from Kelso.  This is a great example of a group of volunteers working to preserve the history of their local community.

As a result of receiving the award the charity has now produced the book to celebrate ten years of stories about men and women from Kelso and its connections.

"Kelso has had a long and interesting history and Kelso Heritage Society hope that this publication will help the wider community to discover more about their heritage and be inspired by these unique men and women” (Kelso Heritage Society)

Mia is one of the young people benefitting from this all inclusive service. Mia is a wonderful 17 and half year old young lady who just happens to have a condition called Angelman Syndrome. This affects all aspects of Mia's daily life and she needs full time care.

Mia has been accessing the Gareloch RDA since she was 5 years old and has built up a love and bond with horses. Mia is now no longer able to horse ride but is experiencing the joys of carriage driving which gives Mia a view of the horse and her surrounding environment from a high up position.  It helps with her independence as she takes part without her parents at her side and she is also using her core moving from side to side in her wheelchair. There is very little to access in the community that is fully inclusive therefore carriage driving has been life changing for Mia.

Ian Ward lead on the massive fundraising project on behalf of Gareloch RDA. Ian’s daughter, Mia, is pictured along with Bobbie the carriage driving pony and some of the amazing volunteers.

Established in 2013, West Dunbartonshire Community Foodshare is a registered charity providing a range of services to people experiencing the effects of poverty in the West Dunbartonshire area. The charity is supported by around 92 volunteers and in 2018 provided the following services in the community: circulated an average of 250 basic food bags each week to 9,409 people ( 5278 adults and 4131 children); provided new uniforms, schoolbags, jackets and shoes to 221 children in need; provided breakfast and lunch bags to families during school holidays. This meant that 873 children who would normally have had access to Breakfast Clubs and School Lunches in term times did not go hungry through school holidays. Provided 200 families with Christmas Day food parcels and provided 653 children with between 6 and 10 lovely presents so that they could enjoy Christmas. The cooking and growing programme has given 144 people the opportunity to attend cooking lessons and learn how to cook low-cost nutritional meals while 72 people learned about planting and nurturing herbs and vegetables to use in their cooking at home.


The Weir Charitable Trust was delighted to support the work of the Charity in 2018 with an award to support the general running costs of the charity.

The group support Dementia Friendly Prestwick in the provision of monthly relaxed screenings and the award enabled the group to increase the number of screenings and make them accessible to the wider community; it also secures the future of Dementia Friendly Cinema.  Screenings now include family friendly shows in a range of venues, some in partnership with other local charities; all are welcoming, inclusive and free.

As a result of the award, a large number of people in the local community are enjoying coming together to enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the cinema.