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Endowed with an initial £5m, the Weir Charitable Trust aims to support Scottish-based community groups and small charities to provide services across Scotland to help the Scottish community. These groups and charities are likely to have found it difficult to access funds elsewhere.

It does not fund individuals, commercial activity, research, educational establishments, social enterprises, governing bodies, public sector bodies or pilot projects, nor can it provide sponsorship.

It will consider funding specific activities and services in sport, recreational facilities, animal welfare, health and cultural projects (see "What we fund") to improve the quality of life for people, either through a particular field of expertise or via a local community. The average award granted to date is £3,500 but, in exceptional circumstances, the Trust will consider applications for funds up to £25,000.

The Trust is currently accepting applications for funding with a closing date of 29th August 2014.

If you want to know more, there's a lot of helpful information in our FAQs that can help you decide if you should apply to the Trust.

Case Studies

Dads Rock

Dads Rock is the only preschool playgroup in Edinburgh specifically for dads and male carers.

Barbaraville Improvement Group

Barbaraville Improvement Group (BIG) is a volunteer-led group that successfully raised funds to build a new play park

The Leanne Fund

The Leanne Fund provides support to young people with cystic fibrosis in the Highlands and Western Isles.



Trustees have made awards to 60 small charities and community groups in the latest round of funding from the Weir Charitable Trust, with the averag


Chris and Colin Weir, who won £161m on EuroMillions in July 2011, have launched a new charity, The Weir Charitable Trust, endowed with an initial £5m.

With the aim of being a fun, positive and rocking place for dads and children to come and play music, the Saturday morning playgroup gives dads and their children invaluable one-to-one time. Based in Granton, there’s free play (including playing instruments), a healthy snack, story and song time.

Funding from the Trust of £1,700 has ensured the group can continue to be there for dads and kids to rock out each week.

Can I get feedback if my application is unsuccessful?

No.   Unfortunately due to the high number of applications we cannot provide feedback. However, you will be advised if you can re-apply after 12 months.

How soon can we reapply?

If you are unsuccessful, the Trust will advise you if you can reapply for funding in the next round of grants in six months’ time. But you can’t reapply with the same project if it did not meet all the criteria to be considered for an award – meeting a Qualifying Category, being based and providing services in Scotland, seeking less than £25,000 and being a small charity/community group (see How to apply)

Why do I have to fill in a CAPTCHA box when submitting an application?

This is for security to check that it is a person submitting an application rather than a computer trying to spam the site.

The park is a well-used and valued community facility by local families from surrounding areas. With an award of £2,559 from the Trust, BIG undertook essential repairs and re-painting of play equipment that had corroded due to the weather.

The award will enable the park to continue to be used for generations to come.

With an award of £1500 from the Trust, the group has been able to purchase sporting equipment as part of a project to give young people, up to the age of 25, the opportunity to undertake exercise programmes tailored to them individually.

Run entirely by volunteers, many of them ex-Paisley workers, the Museum displays many photographs, machinery, newspapers, thread samples and products made at the mills.

It received an award of £1400 to contribute towards annual running costs which has enabled them to increase their opening hours and to stay open all year round.