Nurture Scotland

Based in North Lanarkshire, Nurture Scotland provides support to kinship carers through a range of activities such as 1:1 support, telephone advice and outings.

Nurture Scotland

Covid-19 has brought many challenges for their kinship carers. Many of them are vulnerable and shielding and have had to add home schooling to their already significant list of responsibilities. As well as this, massive worry about what might happen to their children if they get sick.

The Weir Charitable Trust is delighted to announce that an award was made to Nurture Scotland in the recent round of funding.

Responding to the news Chair of Nurture, Joanne Docherty, said

‘To receive funding from The Weir Charitable Trust right in the middle of the pandemic has allowed us to improve and adapt our service to support our kinship carers as best we can. We have moved to telephone and virtual support and having this funding has allowed us to do it seamlessly with the right resources. We have been able to create, print and send paper materials to all of those carers who are not confident digitally. Also for those carers, we are now able to look at training to help them with the move to the virtual world that covid-19 has created. We are so very grateful for the work that you do to support small, humble organisations like ours. Thank you’.