FAMS Charity

FAMS was established in 2013 by three mothers driven with the same desire and passion to ensure that no other young person or family would suffer the trauma they had experienced in their lives.

FAMS Charity

Based in Lanarkshire they are a volunteer led charity supporting the health and wellbeing of vulnerable children and young people, their families, peers and communities; who have been affected by trauma, post murder suicide or attempted suicide.   FAMS also supports people living in families with financial pressures, a family member with an addiction or experiencing emotional, physical or sexual abuse; all struggling to feel connected in sometimes complicated family relationships. Many of these callers have had suicidal thoughts and talk about feeling trapped and isolated.   

FAMS support the health and wellbeing of children & young people presenting themselves with mild to moderate mental health issues, often coupled with suicidal thoughts /behaviours.  FAMS Volunteer Youth Team have been supporting vulnerable children, young people and adults all reporting living fear, confusion, hopelessness and loneliness.   The need for support of young people experiencing mental health issues are well documented, also young suicides went up by 50% last year. Subsequently the demand for FAMS youth services had increased dramatically and steadily, the charity was struggling to meet the demands and submitted an application the Trust resulting in a grant being awarded in the recent round of funding.

Co-founder of FAMS Ann Marie Cocozza said:

“One of the main challenges faced by FAMS was that the charity had no paid employees. This made it difficult to ensure continuity, build capacity or plan projects too far ahead.  The award from The Weir Charitable Trust to fund a full time youth worker over a twelve month period will help ease the immense repercussions of COVID-19 on the mental health & wellbeing of new and existing members (referrals).   The Youth Worker will provide connection and information which FAMS believe will be key to the survival of many young people.   FAMS Chat service will be available by telephone, text, email and video platforms; 7 Days Weekly from 10am-10pm (84 hours)”

FAMS wish to thank The Weir Charitable Trust for the lifesaving award.