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Before you apply, please read Guidance Notes as that lays out what each Qualifying Category is and will also help you complete the Application Form fully. There is also information in FAQs to help you. Do not leave blanks as this will slow down the process of considering your application.

Note: We advise you to prepare your information prior to completing this form as online applications must be completed in one session and cannot be saved.

Qualifying Category
1. Organisation Details
2. Funding Request


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3. What the grant will be used for
4. Evaluation
5. Additional information
6. Signatory

This must be completed by a member of your organisation who has been approved to do so by the committee or board. All correspondence regarding this application will be sent to this individual.

To the best of my knowledge, the information given on this form gives a true and accurate account of this organisation's work and needs. I confirm that I am authorised to commit my organisation in this way.

I confirm that my organisation unconditionally authorises The Weir Charitable Trust to:

  • publish details of financial support given to my organisation and of the objectives of my organisation
  • pass any details obtained about my organisation through this application or through subsequent assessment procedures to external agencies, including other grant-making bodies
  • use any such details as part of any Trust press release or publication and that we will not undertake PR without the permission of the Trust
  • By submitting the application on behalf of your organisation you are giving consent for The Weir Charitable Trust to use any personal data to process the application and in the administration of any subsequent award. The Trust will store your application and associated documents in line with GDPR requirements.

I agree that, at the end of the funding period/event,  my organisation will provide the Trust with a report detailing how the money was spent.

This can be done without the need at any time to obtain the further consent or agreement of me or my organisation.